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The ETYS Integrated Digital Communication Platform offers you flexibility, ease of use and enables you to enter the new era of digital information through the innovative Club4U service and the FREE ETYS mobile app for Android & iOs.

With the use of innovative technologies, ETYS enables you to communicate important messages with one click at the same time to all recipients anywhere in the world. Messages are content rich and can contain text, photos, videos, pdf, etc.

How it works?
ETYS consists of two modules:

  • Web page ETYS: Every message is created through a user friendly UI and is sent (1 click procedure) to mobile devices with push notification
  • Mobile application: All recipients of messages receive notifications and messages from Erasmus+ projects to FREE mobile application.
    The mobile app is available for Android and iOs

    app store android download     App Store available

One of the main advantages is that the application user is not required to give any personal data (e-mail, telephone, etc) unless him/herserf wishes to.

Additionally, ETYS partners can send personalized messages to specific recipients.

What is the cost?

  • For Erasmus+ National Agencies the sign up to the platform is FREE.
  • For Erasmus+ projects or other educational insitution, pls fill in the form and we will contact you.

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